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(Recipe) Fig And Hazelnut Yogurt Mini Cake

Last Sunday was Father's Day and I wanted to make something for my family.

I needed it to check a few boxes:

  1. No sugar or flour.

  2. Under 1.5h preparation, preferably no bake (☉ε ⊙ノ)ノ

  3. Have some of the things my Dad loves (eg. Fig, Chocolate, Hazelnut, Yogurt... Oops, did I just type out the recipe?!).

I ended up going with a Greek Yogurt dessert, because it's easy and I’m lazy to try anything new. *burps*

Starting work has somehow transformed recipe explorations into a thing of the past. I barely have any energy to measure, mix and wash up anymore. And I know, the dust on my flurry of kitchen gadgets couldn’t agree more… ໒( •́ ∧ •̀ )७

This time, I could not even find my tart mould! So I ended up making these mini cakes.

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The recipe is simple and versatile: The bottom layer is made of nuts and dried fruits, the top layer of greek yogurt and gelatin. Whether or not to include chocolate is optional, although I do think something astringent helps cut through the yogurt and dried fruits.


Serves 6



  • 180g Moist Figs

  • 100g Roasted Hazelnuts

  • 10g Extra Virgin Olive Oil


  • 400g Greek Yogurt

  • 55g Oat Milk

  • 7.5g Gelatin Powder

(Optional Topping)

  • 45g Dark Chocolate Chips

  • 1 Tsp Oil


  1. Sprinkle the gelatin powder over the cold milk.

  2. Process the figs, hazelnuts and oil together.

  3. Lightly whisk the gelatin mixture and dissolve it in the microwave, using 5 seconds high-heat intervals.

  4. Whisk the gelatin mixture into the yogurt.

  5. Press the fig base into the mould (line it with baking paper if it isn’t silicon!).

  6. Fill the mould with the yogurt mixture.

  7. Place in the refrigerator for at least five hours, or the freezer for two.

  8. Heat chocolate chips with oil in the microwave using 10 seconds high-heat intervals, stirring in between.

  9. Transfer molten chocolate into a nozzle bottle and drizzle over the set cakes.

  10. Either leave the chocolate on, or

  11. Gently lift it off after it has set and stand it onto the yogurt base.

  12. Add any additional toppings of choice!

Instructional Video

Tweaking The Recipe

For humans with a sweet tooth, try adding honey and vanilla essence into the yogurt (or get the sweetened versions).

In my first experience with this recipe, I used dates, almonds, and walnuts for the base. Finishing with hazelnuts and a full chocolate layer, with a layer of berry jam beneath it.

But as I said, I have become a lazy oaf. ୧( ⁼̴̶̤̀ω⁼̴̶̤́ )૭

However, I'm curious about how it would taste with apricot, pistachio and a bit of shredded coconut. I would like to try that next time!

If you are one of those people who find dates overwhelmingly sweet, skip that and go for the figs and hazelnut variation.

I too learnt from my previous experience that chocolate requires a bit of fat to be silkier and softer. So don’t forget that!


Nutritional Information

Thank You for reading!

Until next time, tata!


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