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2022 Fruit Calendar

“As a procrastinator I have come to realize I can do 8 hours of work in 30 minutes, and 30 minutes of work in 8 hours.”

- Redditor

Sad, but… true.


Hello humans. (・ω・)ノ I have something special to share today.

Just one year ago, on 1 April 2021, I was giving some thought to April’s Fool day. A chuckle invited itself onto my still lips when this line suddenly burst into my head, “I ain’t trying to Chiku (trick you)!”.

That sparked the first connection between fruits and calendar dates in my brain, and the observation that fruits actually had a wonderful lot to do with time.

Look at an APPLE.

It’s there everyday. What do you think? Is there a time where it was only present in a certain period? I know I always anticipated the months of November and December for they always produced the sweetest, softest persimmons.

......Can fruits tell time?

Guided by the gentle hands of this imagined fruit clock, I swung my dormant legs towards the decision that I would make a calendar documenting fruits in their seasons!

Of course, the very painfully primal manner of fruit enjoyment has long been eroded by the strong waves of globalization and mass production. A great number of fruits are accessible year-round today, but that does not mean we cannot appreciate their birth dates.

Alright, back to procrasti-nation, where I pledge my patriotism to. Can you believe it has been a year?

“Hey, do it! DO IT!” rang the nagging sirens, whose intrusive boom charged closer and closer towards me last December.

My body sprawled defencelessly across the couch, I’m just lazily enjoying persimmons.

Come January, then February, I threw the white flag and surrendered this grand idea to the hungry and empty stomachs of inertia.

But some fight with boredom in March hurled me back to the battlefield. Like flame to a gas stove, I fired myself from laziness and took off into fostering this now dusty calendar idea.

And I finally did it! I decided to have a bit of fun with the design, to present the incredible fruits in mimicry of popular artists. Below you may download the calendar, and I hope you will be as fond of it as I was of the process.

Remember - we can do a lot in a little time, or a little in a lot of time. Let the calendar remind us of an objective pace, and to nourish ourselves during this phase. (✿˶˘ ³˘)~♡


(HHC) 2022 Fruit Calendar
Download PDF • 78.42MB


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