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(Sequence) Yoga For Stress And Irritability: Release Tension And Muscle Tightness

Greetings Earthlings!

It is with true bliss that I share a relaxing Yoga sequence today.

Yoga’s Healing Elements

Yoga’s designs on the subtle body are primarily what pulls me the most strongly to the discipline.

It’s probably my sensitivity, spirituality, mental illnesses and desperate yearning for inner peace that drew me so enthusiastically towards Yoga.

But being a callow youth with a limitless fear of weight gain, I often tend to neglect the metaphysics of the discipline, despite knowing that’s where most of the deeper gifts are kept.

I push my physical body through an exhausting sequence and skip the internal labors (ie. breathwork, meditation). Melancholic days let me go from everything, as I shut out to just be alone on the mat with the quiet magic of an unfragmented Yoga.

I’ve dreamt that when I’m wrinkled and old, I would be a Yin teacher who brings healing energy to people who are lost, and people who have been broken.

Motivation For This Sequence

I had hoped this sequence brings a foreign calm to people battling:

  • Stress,

  • Anxiety,

  • Depression, or

  • Any other conditions that have blocked their hearts and their sights of what’s inside them.

Throat, Chest and Hips

The saturation of throat, chest and hip stretches in this sequence is designed to open a person’s body up. To put it more bluntly in new-age terms, to open the heart, throat and sacral chakras.

Some of the Hip-Opening poses include:

  • Lizard

  • Sleeping Pigeon

  • Lunges

  • Corkscrew

Throat and Chest - Opening:

  • Cat-Cow Variation

  • Updog

  • Cow Face

  • Camel

  • Fish

I’ve also read somewhere before that forward folds hold elements of introspection and protection. This is supposedly reasoned by their resemblance to a protective fetal position. Your attention and energy are drawn inwards with your body closed off to the rest of the world.

While the truth of that is debatable, they do inspire feelings of safety, contemplation and soul-searching within my own experience. Therefore I included plenty of standing and seated folds.

Yoga Therapy

The inclusion of these Asana categories with one of my favourite songs are one of my first attempts at therapeutic Yoga. It was undoubtedly pleasant to plan and practise, but I’m terribly sorry that the audio isn’t the best!!

If you would grace me with 50 minutes and your thoughts/ feedback, I would truly appreciate it.

Thank You so much for reading.



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