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Health Finds Of Grab Mart

Grocery shopping is something I absolutely prize and adore. Drifting through aisles of towering foods, going off tangents, having my eyes constantly arrested by the countless different products.

And though the weight of my basket is starting to sink into the crumpled creases of my palm, it never meant mercy...

Continue shopping and descending into this somewhat dazzling kaleidoscope of foods! ヾ(。◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)ノ

One fine day, I received a promo code for Grab Mart. And that was all Grab took to have my soul start funneling itself into its mart. As my fleshy fingers scrolled and tapped against the hardy glass of my mobile screen (DISCLAIMER: IT WILL feel like an infinite scroll)... I finally picked out a few products.

While my selection includes mostly whole foods, there were an intriguing few finds. Hopefully it interests you.╰(◉ᾥ◉)╯

1. Frozen Fruits.

What’s my idea of a perfect time? Crowding a milky pool of oat milk with icy cold fruits. And nobody tell me otherwise!

Frozen pitted cherries and whole figs are a rarity in the whole of my grocery-shopper career. So when I encountered these frosty fruits on Grab Mart... click, click, into the basket you click! (「・ω・)「


[Merchant Brothers] Agroaguiar Cherry, 1KG (SGD 19.50)

[Merchant Brothers] Agroaguiar Fig With Honey, 1KG (SGD 18.90)

[Merchant Brothers] Agroaguiar Blackberry, 300G (SGD 6.90)


2. Jams.

There may be fifty shades of pink, and what tickles me all tones are jams! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

Having them with nut butter is a such a gem (jam...). A pleasure to hold immense gratitude for.

Now as someone who gravitates only to whole and “natural” foods (read about Orthorexia Nervosa here), I of course tried to choose only the naturally sweetened ones.

(Sweet Jams)

St. Dalfour is one brand that produces amazing fruit spreads sweetened with fruit juices/ concentrate. On shelves that stock massive waves of different fruit jams, it’s always the brand I return to.

Grab mart carries its Apple and Cinnamon flavor, which I had never chanced on before!

And it is just A M A Z I N G - tiny chunks of softened apples packed with a slight cinnamon punch. Reminds me of when I used to cook apples in oats with dates and cinnamon.

The same goes for Cherry and Fig jams- the latter is just so precious.


St. Dalfour Apple & Cinnamon Jam 284G (SGD 5.60)

[Merchant Brothers] Prisca Bio Organic Pumpkin Jam (No Added Sugar), 240G (SGD 10.60)

[Merchant Brothers] Prisca Nature Fig Jam (No Added Sugar), 250G (SGD 8.90)

[Merchant Brothers] Prisca Nature Cherry Jam (No Added Sugar), 250G (SGD 8.90)

(Savoury Jams)

Ah you always have had it somewhere - on wooden cheese boards, sandwiched in a burger, or slathered over flaky puff pastry. But you never thought you could buy these savoury jams! Or at least I didn't...

Onion, Pumpkin and Shiraz jam. Don't they just come off as curiosity magnets?

These jams contain sugar, and I will admit that the word just frightens me. This is something I am trying to overcome. I went ahead with the purchase - edged on by the thought that they would perform brilliantly on the stage of Christmas meals.

The pumpkin spread is truthfully sweet, it’s delicious. I mix it sometimes as a sweetener to my oats, milk and the likes. Oishi!

Similarly, the Onion jam is sweet (but just slightly). Thankfully the pungent tang that characterizes raw onions is absent, without a trace. This jam is fantastic in my salad dressings - I haven’t used it much for any other purpose... I imagine there will be a tremendous number of ways it can brighten a dish though.


[Providore] The Providore - Shiraz Jelly 200g (SGD 11.99)

[Providore] The Providore - Onion Jam 200g (SGD 11.99)


3. Muesli / Granola.

Next, breakfast foods! Granola! As a faithful follower of Granola (read about it here), I of course wanted to check out Grab Mart’s offerings. The selection isn’t wide but it’s enough.

From the bottom of my heart to the people behind it - Thank You for having Granola in your thoughts!


[Providore] The Providore Strawberry and Banana Muesli 450g (SGD 13.75)

[Providore] The Providore Crunchy Chocolate Muesli 450g (SGD 13.75)


4. Chocolate.

Not the biggest fan of chocolate, but I do have two unshakable devotees in the house. Grab Mart has some chocolates I thought were quite special - since when did Quinoa and Amaranth make its way into chocolates?! And what even is Gin and Tonic - is it really 2021?

How does Quinoa taste in chocolate? Nothing much. But the seeds do lend the aromatic dark bar a pleasant light crunch - prolly great fo humans who can't take choccies with almonds or hazelnuts ie. the superior form.

Just kidding! But seriously, I very much prefer my quinoa staying in salads or Granola (yeahhhhhhh Santos I love you buddy!). (*’∀’人)♥


[Providore] Alter Eco Deep Dark Quinoa Crunch Organic Chocolate 80g (SGD 9.79)

[Providore] Bennetto Natural Foods Amaranth & Sea Salt 60% Cocoa (SGD 9.79)

[Providore] Love Cocoa Gin & Tonic 71% Dark Chocolate Bar (Vegan) 75g (SGD 9.79)


5. Miscellaneous.

Coffee flavoured almond nuts.

Ok mocha almonds - that's my food version of tall banging guy at the gym. Don't mind if I get intrigued and think about you a little huh... before checking you out? ฅ(⌯͒•̩̩̩́ ˑ̫ •̩̩̩̀⌯͒)ฅ

Anyway, while these almonds hold onto their coffee aroma really well, the snack is overly sweet to me. Humans with a normal and uninterrupted palette would be fond of this. Like my mommy!


Kangaroo Mocha Almonds 100G (SGD 3.80)

Manuka honey drops.

Manuka honey in a slab? Could this be? That eating honey is now easy - no more wooden sticks and sticky fingers? Dang does this gym have many tall guys O_____O.

Ultimately, however, the drops confused me. It was tough getting it out. Upon exit, it’s still very much in liquid form. I wonder if it’s supposed to be just popped and eaten like candy? Maybe not...


[Providore] Honey Droplet Manuka UMF 10+ Honey Drops (SGD 16.50)


That’s all I wanted to share about Grab Mart. Overall, it’s thrilling to snag a few stuffs that I haven’t had the opportunity to find anywhere else. Like figs in their whole frozen and jam forms, pumpkin jam and frozen pitted cherries.

*take my money chanting plays in background*

However, I'd say I ended up getting so many things from Providore that I must have just went there instead!

This is because Grab Mart does price its products slightly higher than these other retail supermarkets. Furthermore, the delivery was about an hour late in all four times I ordered. Not a big deal if you are in the entire day though. I’m content!

Thank You for reading.



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